Guidelines? Wait, isn't this the page with the character creation and stuff on it? You linked to some ethical rubbish from the rules link.

Why yes, yes I did. Because this stuff really is just guidelines and that other part is more important.

Each GM who wants to run their own stories is free to have players create what they want or to accept whatever existing characters they please into their stories. Players, you can play multiple characters, just not at the same time in the same scene.

We're using 7th Sea Second Edition as written, except when we don't. Yeah, it's just that kind of game.

Players can create characters as they please, though refer to the rule linked earlier. Don't create something deliberately offensive or designed to harass other players. Don't go full munchkin unless the GM you're making the character for is happy to accept full munchkin.

GMs aren't obligated to take your character into their scene; other players are not obligated to play with you.

Speaking of GMs... we don't have any permanently on staff. There's no meta, no bureaucrats. Sheets are stored publicly on the wiki pages. Anyone who wants to run a story can run a story, and what is canon in one GM's story may not be in another.

It's an open and free story platform, though do try to at least be true to the source material. =)